Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ata the Skunk Ape Conference

Stacy Brown Jr, Big Josh, and Bill Brock at the Bigfoot Conference in Orlando Florida. People are showing up. The tech stuff is being set up and the social has begun. People are walking up to me and asking if I am Tim Fasano. How cool is that!

Stacy and Tim selfie.

A view from the elevator at the Embassy suites.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Getting into shape

To perform well on the upcoming expeditions, I am now going to the gym. I really hope to make this part of my lifestyle. I will not only feel better but I will have more stamina and strength to be a better Bigfoot researcher.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Night optics in the Green Swamp

"I can see you." These things are cool. Rib Robinson let me borrow them the last time we did night operations in the Green Swamp. You can see things up close but you need a FLIR for long range viewing.

Rob hooking me up. It was dark out there.

You can see how hot it was from the sweat on my shirt at 4 in the morning.
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2014 Skunk Ape Convention this weekend

Make sure you get your tickets for the Skunk Ape Convention in Orlando Florida. There will be many great speakers at this event hosted by Stacy Brown jr.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A campfire with wet wood

After the heavy rains, we had to get a fire going. My theory was right that the outside of the wood was wet but the interior was dry. Once we got it going, it burned all night. I am not camping without a campfire. No way.

A large pile of dead fall allowed the fire to burn all night. There were thick fuel logs still burning at first light. It was a wonderful night with brilliant stars in the sky.
The research area after the rains. looks like of spooky?
An amazing sunset over the swamp Bigfoot area


This video was on the forest road just as the sun was rising. You can hardly see it.

The rains did cool things off and amazingly there were no bugs!!!! How you can go into this area in August and have no bugs is beyond me. I was greatful, indeed. I wanted a little coffee and there is nothing more higbrow then campfire coffee. Ummm good.

The only pot I had
Campfire coffee in a circle K mug
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A good weather radio

A weather radio is important to let too know when the storm will pass. Sitting in the car with lightening striking all around was very scary. The radio said the storm would break at 5:45 and it did.

This was a little scart but the radio gave some comfort. We would soon be camping with beautiful skies and a wonderful sunset.
George and I did a selfie after the storm and you can see how fogged up the lense was. There would be no mire rain the rest of the night and I was getting excited about this camping trip.

You can see how excited I was knowing this was now a go. After an hour of hard rain and getting soaked, I was ready.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Blackwater Creek Bigfoot investigation

Tim Fasano and Rob Robinson
I have always wanted to work with Florida's Rob Robinson. Rob is a Bigfoot researcher who has written a book on the subject, and has recently been featured on the History Channel on Monsters and Mysteries. I finally got my chance Saturday as Kevin, Rob, and I met at the trail head to BlackWater creek. It was a warm morning, being the day after the Forth of July. I had taken the day off from work and I was ready for a great day 'squatching.
Kevin photo bombing our selfie
Rob pulled up and we introduced each other. Kevin showed up on time and we went over the objective of the mission. The main goal was to make the four mile hike out the to creek without much shade. We knew it was going to be hot, so we set out just after the sun rose on a beautiful day.
Rob and Kevin headed out with the Florida sun rising

&Florida sunThere was some obstacles to cross. There has been a lot of rain and some of the trails were underwater. There was no choice but to cross or go back.

When we made it to the creek, we found someone else's trail cam out there. That is why I decided to not put the trail cam there. I felt there was too much risk of it being found. We found their's; they may find ours.
Group photo after we made it to the creek.

The creek was beautiful and had a rapid current. In fact, it travels to the Hillsborough River Rapids. Kevin believes canoeing is the best way to get to a remote area to camp and deploy the trail cams. That would be a fun trip. Not to many people go back there.

Kevin and Rob discuss what's next, and enjoy the river.

Rob imagines the possibility.posted from Bloggeroid

The hike had no elevation but it was hot from the direct Florida sun on a July day. Kevin and Rob are experienced hikers and I needed them to gin me up for the trip. I could not have been with better guys. Bigfoot research requires a lot of work. You can see how far off the horizon is. Getting back was going to be tougher.

We were trying to get to the next tree line to deploy the trail cam but I was getting tired. I could not wait for the next tree line. I was overheated and needed to rest. In route Kevin found a rain measurement device put there by the forestry department. It showed there had been 2 inches of rain recently.

I am cramping because I did not bring enough water. Rob lent me some and that helped. At this point, I forget about the trail cam and just wanted to get back to the trailhead. The rest felt good. I could have camped there.

Back at the trailhead with some great guys.

OUTTAKE - Kevin with the hawk feather in his head dress. He may have found a new look. This was absolutely a great day, one of the best I've had in Bigfoot.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Florida Bigfoot Investigation

Kevin did this photo that was taken today. It shows how different Bigfoot guys can work together with no ego problems. That is why I am calling us the Bigfoot Boys. Florida research teams doing it the right way.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New trail cam images Green Swamp

These are images from trail cam retrival over the weekend. Lots of wildlife out in this track. For a 16 day test run, this area is very promising. It is off the hook with stuff going on out there.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tim Fasano radio interview

This was recorded last year. It was a radio show hosted by Kevin Thomas Lego my research partner:

Kevin has started a radio interview show that would rival C2C. He is booking a variety of guest that span the paranormal field. This is the radio show with Tim Fasano.

Myakka River Skunk Ape sighting investigated by the BFRO

Editors note: This is from the BFRO website. It is about a Skunk Ape sighting in Myakka River State Park in 2008 by a nature photographer. The sighting was only 1,000 feet from where the famous YouTube sighting of March 2 occurred. The recent video shot by the lady was 1,000 feet in the other direction. Because of these recent events, I will be there Saturday to investigate this location and where the women taped the creature the other day. Kevin will be at a UFO event in Jacksonville, so I will be by myself. This should be fun...a lot is going on down in ole' Myakka!

STATE: Florida
COUNTY: Sarasota County
OBSERVED: I was camping at myakka river state park in Sarasota county in Florida with my parents. I do nature photography as a hobby, and i was told by my father that the best time to go shoot nature photography is early in the morning since that is when most nature starts to wake up and animal activity is at its most active, so i took my father's advice and decided to get up and go do some photography at around 6:30 in the morning just when the sun is coming up and there is light. I was walking down a path that is active with tourist and some animal life, there is even a wooden tower that stands 70 feet in the air down the trail where you can see directly over the forest perfectly. As i was walking down this trail, i was walking towards

Controlled burn

I sometimes come across smoldering underbrush. This was in the Withlacoochee State Forest. My understanding is that by controlled burns, they are actually helping the environment. It allows more sunlight in, and creates pathways for animals. Why try to control the environment? Can't they just leave mother nature alone? Man has caused enough harm, I believe.

You can see this will take years to recover. Its just an ugly scar and vegetation has been destroyed

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