Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Kevin come in,,,"

I had just heard something moving in the swamp. The problem was Kevin and the guys were a mile up the road checking out an eye shine report. This was right after sunrise and I wanted Kevin to know I was going in. I got a video of something moving. It was a very large hog. Kevin also said they had spotted a deer. Looks like an active area.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wear orange in the jungle

Tim exploring the swamp jungle of Florida
I don't know if Sasquatch sees in color or black and white. I do know that hunters see in color and I don't want some drunk guy with a gun thinking I am a deer. So, I wear an orange camp. In this case, a vintage Tampa Bay Buccaneer cap. I know I also wear a camo shirt. So, as Obama says, "sue me." Kevin also wears this cap and I could not recommend it enough. In fact, during hunting season (not poaching season) it would be wise to wear an orange vest.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gray hair

I did not know my hair had gotten this gray. The stress from social media and seven years of recession has taken its toll.

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Monday, July 07, 2014

Blackwater Creek Bigfoot investigation

Tim Fasano and Rob Robinson
I have always wanted to work with Florida's Rob Robinson. Rob is a Bigfoot researcher who has written a book on the subject, and has recently been featured on the History Channel on Monsters and Mysteries. I finally got my chance Saturday as Kevin, Rob, and I met at the trail head to BlackWater creek. It was a warm morning, being the day after the Forth of July. I had taken the day off from work and I was ready for a great day 'squatching.
Kevin photo bombing our selfie
Rob pulled up and we introduced each other. Kevin showed up on time and we went over the objective of the mission. The main goal was to make the four mile hike out the to creek without much shade. We knew it was going to be hot, so we set out just after the sun rose on a beautiful day.
Rob and Kevin headed out with the Florida sun rising

&Florida sunThere was some obstacles to cross. There has been a lot of rain and some of the trails were underwater. There was no choice but to cross or go back.

When we made it to the creek, we found someone else's trail cam out there. That is why I decided to not put the trail cam there. I felt there was too much risk of it being found. We found their's; they may find ours.
Group photo after we made it to the creek.

The creek was beautiful and had a rapid current. In fact, it travels to the Hillsborough River Rapids. Kevin believes canoeing is the best way to get to a remote area to camp and deploy the trail cams. That would be a fun trip. Not to many people go back there.

Kevin and Rob discuss what's next, and enjoy the river.

Rob imagines the possibility.posted from Bloggeroid

The hike had no elevation but it was hot from the direct Florida sun on a July day. Kevin and Rob are experienced hikers and I needed them to gin me up for the trip. I could not have been with better guys. Bigfoot research requires a lot of work. You can see how far off the horizon is. Getting back was going to be tougher.

We were trying to get to the next tree line to deploy the trail cam but I was getting tired. I could not wait for the next tree line. I was overheated and needed to rest. In route Kevin found a rain measurement device put there by the forestry department. It showed there had been 2 inches of rain recently.

I am cramping because I did not bring enough water. Rob lent me some and that helped. At this point, I forget about the trail cam and just wanted to get back to the trailhead. The rest felt good. I could have camped there.

Back at the trailhead with some great guys.

OUTTAKE - Kevin with the hawk feather in his head dress. He may have found a new look. This was absolutely a great day, one of the best I've had in Bigfoot.

Friday, July 04, 2014

New trail cam images

These are images from trail cam retrival over the weekend. Lots of wildlife out in this track. For a 16 day test run, this area is very promising. It is off the hook with stuff going on out there.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

First DSLR images 2002

My first selfie in 2002
These were some of the first shots I took with a DSLR back in 2002. I was excited about this new technology I had read about and could not wait to get started. I did not even have a computer at the time but I new I could take the media card to Ritz Camera and have them put on a disk and print images. That sounded like fun. I had been a photographer in the past (the quality of these first images shows I remembered a few things).

Keep in mind, this was way before the taxi blog, way before the Bigfoot blog, way before my YouTube channel. Those three things, with my photography, would turn out to be the most successful things I had ever done in my life.

Yes, I had carriers in the past. I had been married before. I always had my dreams. But with those things, somebody had control over my future and happiness. With these new projects, nobody could take it away from me. They did not give it to me; they could not take it away from me. I sort of liked that. I really think that is why I got into taxi driving. It was a way to become self-employed without have some asshole boss looking over your shoulder all day long. I could make my own hours; I could work as long as I wanted; I could be my own best judge of what I needed to do. Most people do not have that luxury.

University of Tampa spires
One of the photography tricks pros at National Geographic will do is when they go to a city, they look for an iconic building. In Tampa, that is not hard to do. The University of Tampa provides heroic architecture that can be used in photography. Frame the object at sunset to silhouette it against the fading light. You will get a winning image every time.

The boats at Davis Island lagoon

Friday, June 27, 2014

Best of 2013: Sasquatch blind found in Myakka River State Park

(Stacy Brown  jr and Matt walk up to the blind) We found evidence in Myakka of environmental impact being made by the skunk apes. During the investigation Saturday we found a structure that looks like a "squatch blind." It was near the wallow where animals have been gathering at night. The position of this structure is perfect too ambush prey. It was quite a find and it showed evidence of intelligent design. Stacy and his crew where there and they concurred with me that many parts of it where woven into the tree that was already there. These things have been found throughout North America and I believe they are being used by the Skunk Apes.
Squatch blind
We also found fifteen inch prints which now seem to be a common size for Kevin and I are taking the same measurement on the ones we have found. All of this makes sense. In the video below and the photo above, you can see how pressed down the sawgrass is. The thing that has been doing that seems to have a human like foot that measures 15". Something that big has got to leave its mark behind and I believe we found it. Stealth they do have, however, any animal will make an impact on the environment and these things have been in a very big way in Myakka.
Kevin and I will be back out here next week to do a much needed follow up investigation. There is a lot going on here in a very big way. The woods behind this in the distance also allow the adventurous to go deep into the wild part of the Myakka complex. It will take time, but knowing nobody goes out there, you have almost got to find something. That is what Kevin and I will be shooting for. I just hope the park ranger does not tow our cars off.

Highlights 2012: going into the swamp

Are we having fun! This is me moving over a log in the swamp the water is getting deeper as we go in but we are getting closer. We already had one encounter with a cotton mouth snake. You could see the white of its mouth. Video coming up. We will find that trail cam!

Panorama in the swamp

Look at this panorama Kevin took of me in the swamp. I had the same function on my phone but did not know that. Unfortunately, I was wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt!

Myakka Bigfoot Prints

First, the video I said would be up today is going to be more like Monday. I am having car issues and other things have come up today that require my tending. Keep in mind, Bigfoot is an animal that lives off of instinct and we HAVE THE RECORDINGS. He does not talk like a mentally challenged drunk as the Ontario guys want you to think. Their stuff is obviously hoaxed. They do, however, leave very large footprints.
The video below was taken by someone near Myakka and sent to Stacey Brown Jr. He put it up for people to give an opinion on. Most think its fake. Good job.  Stacey and I have worked that area and the beast is there. This footprint, again, is not it. This looks to stiff. No locomotion when it was made. Fake.

The footprint above was taken in the same creek bed near the sighting area of the famous Myakka Skunk Ape video last March. It is a human print left by me as I was fording the creek. If I had double healed it like the one in the video, it would look very long.
This footprint had been there a while when Kevin and I found it in a creek bed
The print shows wear, latterial impression meaning movement, and continuity of "16 in length..WOW!

Stacey Brown casting a print which took two hours to dry and then concluding that it probably was not a Bigfoot. That is how objective research is done. Stacey is one of the good guys in this business.

Below, you will see Kevin casting a real Sasquatch print in the Green Swamp. Our work is real

Monday, June 09, 2014

The Green Swamp Bigfoot camp

This was our camp last November at the Green Swamp. We had been out most of the night and people were sleeping. I was the last man to go to bed because I was enjoying the stars in all their brilliance. You cannot see this from the city and I can't tell you how beautiful it was. In the morning, Josh got the fire going and I was looking for the instant coffee.

You have to start a good fire in the morning. We have a tradition, using the photography skills of Rob, of getting a nice morning shot of the campfire.

Never let a fire go to waste. I need instant coffee and eggs and bacon. Yum.

The guys last night were using some cool equipment when we were on Bigfoot night operations.

I think we had about seven tents out here. I'm amazed at how much camping gear I have accumulated since I got into Bigfoot research.

Some tired guys in the early morning.

Why Florida for Bigfoot research?

There are many reasons why Florida is a great spot for Sasquatch, bigfoot and Skunk ape searching. Image from the Florida Bigfoot Website. The video belows shows why Florida is a prime area for bigfoot activity, especially in the Ocala National Forest where there have been many bigfoot or Sasquatch sighitngs. These creatures may be larger than the Skunk Ape.

Skunk Ape print found near Tampa Florids

This was from an outing in June, 2009 when I found this large possible Skunk Ape print near a water source in the Hopewell area near Tampa Florida. This area is home to several recorded BFRO sightings

This is the unedited video of when I found this print. I had no casting material and no tape measure, frankly, I did not think I would have a find like this since I was new in the field.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Campfire photo

We have a tradition that when camping, the next morning we get a beautiful shot of the campfire. This was at Hillsborough River State Park.


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