Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Skunk Ape location Program

This short video will give you the general idea of the Seminole Project and what we are attempting to accomplish. We take the responsibility seriously that the Olympic Project has bestowed upon us by lending us the cameras and we are doing our best to make this a success. We have put in a tremendous amount of work to secure the perfect areas for a possible finding. Let me explain.

The areas we have found were test run first after scouting the areas for evidence of natural resources. Water, vegetation, cover and seclusion were high on the list. If we could go for hours without ever seeing another human being then we knew we were in the right areas. Test runs of the Reconyx RC60 stealth cams proved the areas were teaming with wildlife. We then set a permanent deployment for a November media card and battery change out.

All is set and now the areas are full of swamp water and bugs. We could not realistically get back there which is good. Nobody else could get back there as well. With the change of season in November, all should be well.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Pygmy rattlesnake in my path

A pygmy rattlesnake blocked my path to a trail cam that has been in field for five months. One more step and he would have got me. The Tampa Zoo website shows a picture of this Florida snake. It is a DANGEROUS VIPER and that is why squatching should only be done by PROFESSIONALS!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

The A.P.E.S. Project launched

George McGee the chief engineer for the A.P.E.S. Project
The "Arial Platform Electronic Surveillance" Project Bigfoot has been launched. This is something we have been working on for a long time. The goal was to loft a craft high above the tree tops in the Green Swamp to look down and take video. In the future, we will outfit it with night vision and this will be a staple of what we do.
George getting ready
The two cameras that will go onto the platform
I helped out by documenting everything with extensive YouTube videos. I also went out and found firewood. I can help sometimes.
looking for some firewood

I consider myself to be very lucky to associate with a bunch of talented guys. Kevin is not shown here because he was shooting most of the images.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A photo of a Skunk Ape?

I was going through some images in a file I took three years ago near the Hillsborough river. I had not noticed this before or forgot about it. I took the image but don't really remember it.
It seems strange that it looks like it has head and shoulders. When you zoom in it looks even better. Not claiming its anything other then an interesting image.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Harley Hoffman Film shows details of a Sasquatch

Note spine and deltoid detail
The Harley Hoffman Bigfoot film shows detail uncommon in most fake Bigfoot hoax films. It was shot in  British Columbia in 2001 under unknown circumstances. That seems to be the biggest problem with this film.

Hoffman has not spoken publicly since he shot the film and we know little about him. He and his brother seem to be more eccentric then Todd Standing. For example, Haley's brother once had a website trying to prove the existence of Santa Claus! This is all strange, except this film.

The quality and resolution is outstanding, and not your garden variety blobsquatch. Features of hair length and color are visible on this video. Why would cheap hoaxers be concerned with such detail similar to the Patterson film

This film  has detail and it is very similar to the Patterson Gimlim Film. The major detail of the film that has always convinced me of it possibly being real is the width of the back with deltoids and triceps definition and a clear spine seen on the back. I will let the images and video demonstrate this.

This is not a cheap monkey suit. If all they wanted was a few seconds of video to hoax, there is way too much going on here for their basic needs.

The only drawback here is the strange behaviour of the people involved. Film seems to be edited and I would like to know where it was shot and see the entire video unedited.
Note detail compared with Harley Hoffman Film

The Harley Hoffman film is on YouTube. You can watch it here and decide for yourself. Other then this, I really don't know much about Harley Hoffman or anything else. More research will be needed. 

Loren Coleman tried to get details out of Hoffman, but was unable to. The video was first posted in 2006 on YouTube as "BIGFOOT Video WTF Insane!!!”

Matt Moneymaker inside the Bigfoot cave

Check out @MattMoneymaker1's Tweet:

Matt Moneymaker shows a photo of the "leaves" (I thought it was leafs) that form the Bigfoot bed in the cave. Matt states in his tweet that it is a Bigfoot. If you think about it, what else could have brought leaves up the side of the rock face and put them in a bed? I really hope he gets something.

If the Bigfoot does not come back tonight, I would try to get a trail cam or something put up there.
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Matt Moneymaker at a cave in Utah that may house a Bigfoot

Matt Moneymaker has Tweeted that a cave neat Logan Utah may be the home of a Bigfoot. Leafs inside form a bed. The leafs are green, as if they had been fresh picked. BFRO is staking the cave out since the Bigfoot may return. They have FLIR, so they may get something. This is an active situation.

The green leafs are softer uunlike fallen leafs Plus, you need hands to pick leafs. Matt had a telephoto lensr and he is wwilling to wait all night to see if something returns. He has not actually seen the Bigfoot. Its just left evidence that it resides in this cave. There is something living in there and Matt is going to wait it out.posted from Bloggeroid

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bill Brock during Jeff Meldrum presentation

You don't see this often, a TV star watching a scientist, that is also a TV star. This is Bill Brock during the presentation by Dr. Jeff Meldrum. All of us had a great time at the first Florida Skunk Ape Convention.
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Here is Dr. Meldrum having an interesting conversation with Bill Brock. It was a pleasure, and an honor to hang out with them and learn more about Bigfoot and Cryptozoology. It was an awesome experience.

Can TimberGiantBigfoot videos be duplicated?

What is it?
I believe it would not be difficult to duplicate anything TimberGiantBigfoot has done. The methodology I use is if I can reasonable duplicate what you recorded, then to the exclusion of the miraculous, it must have been created by natural means. Therefore, Timber is a fake.

In the image above you see "Big Red." Even though it is in clear daylight with minimal obstruction, it is still not clear what you are looking at. In the image below it is me. Even though it is in clear daylight with marginal obstruction, it is still not clear what you are looking at. I am wearing a hunting jacket with blue jeans. Is the other figure wearing a red throw rug?

left of center under the leaf
It has moved

You see folks, with a little time to set it up (I pulled off the road. put camera on tree branch. walked into the bushes near my home. Easy stuff) and a halfway decent looking costume, your mate and yourself could easily pull it off. Just be that ever so slightly out of reach and you will have nailed it. Even Rick Dyer was surprised at how easy it was to fool so many people. People refuse to ask questions.

A photo of Sasquatch in Green Swamp

This and many other images if Bigfoot are on my Twitter. This video screen shot was shown in the complete video at the Skunk Ape Conference in Orlando last month. You can clearly see the head and shoulders as it bent over behind the palmetto line.

I believe it was a real Skunk Ape because every time Kevin and I have gone to the area to investigate, we cannot find anything natural that could explain what it was. In short, we have not been able to debunk it. That is why we recently did an overnight in the area and we will be back in a few weeks.

It wad a great event sponsored by Stacy Brown Jr.
Check out @TimFasano's Tweet:

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Beautiful day on Tampa Bay

The first cold front if the season moved in last night and today was dial up beautiful. It was near a record low of 53℉ and people could not have been happier. With the low humidity, I headed for the recreation bridge next to the Courtney Campbell.

This bridge was recently constructed for the public to enjoy. Its 1.5 miles out and back, so its a good hike. This day there were lots of people enjoying the nice day and getting some exercise. I really enjoyed it. I hope to make this a regular hike.

Kevin said we need to get back to ling hikes in the woods looking for Bigfoot. I hope so. Lets go while the weather is awesome.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Myakka River State Park art

Palmettos in Myakka
Myakka River State Park is a favorite place for our research team to go to. The place is alluring with deep areas of wilderness that nobody has ever gone into. It has also been the site of recent Skunk Ape sightings. Research teams have found evidence, such as prints, wood knocking, and recorded howls. The area is just so vast it would take weeks to work it. That is why Myakka is very high on our list of places to visit this Fall Winter months.

Kevin and I have bushwhacked our way into them and they are deep and overgrown. The area is also a very beautiful place. It is a site where photographers go into for great opportunities for wildlife and just wild terrain for good images. This is a photo of a palmetto field I took some years ago. I was pleased with the lighting of the setting sun and it made something you commonly see in Myakka look like art.

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