Was there a bomb at Tampa International Airport today?

Look suspicious?

I found a"suspicious package" tucked away in the arrival concourse today at Tampa International Airport. I took the steps from the taxi staging area to the bottom floor where the arrival area is located. This is where the bathrooms are at. Next to the service elevator was a brown box with two suitcases inside. They looked nondescript but looked way to neatly packed for someone who had decided to discard old luggage. What is strange is that in 21 years of working this airport, I have never seen any thing like this.

When I came out of the men's room, the box was still there. The concourse was deserted.  There was nobody on this level.  Strange.  Who would leave such a thing behind.  I do not want to get all paranoid but what the fuck was this. The overhead intercom kept saying "if you see anything suspicious, report it to authorities." That is what I was now going to do. Forget about my taxi upstairs, this involved saving lives.

Placed out of the way

Now, here is a real problem. There WERE NO SECURITY PERSONAL IN THE AIRPORT. WTF! You would think that in light of recent events, an airport would be crawling with personal. This place was not. Why!? I started running around in the concourse and there was nobody! I went outside where the Uber drivers were loading what used to be our customers (until the cowardly piece of shit taxi commission folded to political correctness) and could find no security personal.

No security to be found

I almost started yelling out "BOMB" "GET OUT OF HERE.'  I really did not give a shit because I thought this side of the airport was ready to blow. I ran back into the terminal.

This time I found the courtesy desk and told the lady to call the police.  She did and it still took 15 minutes for them to show up.  Finally, someone else showed up with a metal box on wheels and they hauled it away.  Was it a bomb? We will never know because I am sure they will not disclose that to the public.

One thing is certain. You are not safe at the Tampa airport. Yes, they do have a decoy police car as you enter on the road leading into the airport with its lights on. That is because writing speeding tickets is the priority of the TIA cops.  Not national security.

Downloading my photo sets

I was able to download some photo sets I took in studio in 2007 on my new computer today. This new Dell computer is fantastic. The Windows 10 is the best one yet. I got the computer yesterday and have been downloading images from flash drives. What Windows is doing is separating them by date. You can see by the set posted here the day and date the images were taken. I have a real use for this computer. 

Beach Bum the cat

I had a drop off in clearwater Beach (not far from where I live). The vacation home they were going to was right on beach access. Nice. They were from the cold north and were ready to enjoy their time in the sun. That is something many locals hardly do because they are busy making a living.

Accross the street was an abandoned home - a testament to the economic collapse that disrupted so many lives. As I was looking at it thinking of the potental, a nice cat walked up to me and rolled over. I bet he was just left ehind by the former owners. He really has it made being at the beach, instead of ome alley. I named him "Beah Bum."


United cab flipped during wreck



After picking up Amanda this morning before sunrise, there was a message on the tablet about a bad accident on 275. We went right by that spot and I saw an overturned car. What I did not realize was that it was a Unitd Cab. There were about 10 cars involved and the taxi got the worst of it. On the way back, I got this cell phone image while the cab was in motion. I hope the driver lived. You can see his car being pulled onto the flat bed tow. Dispatch never did update us as to his condition. I would have liked that.

My new diggs

GHOST HUNTER: George (ghost buster) did a sweep of my new place with an electric matrix device and detected some anomalies. Possible evil spirits. He then did a cleansing with burning sage and holy water from the river Jordan. He command all evil spirits to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can see the water and candles on the floor.