Saturday, December 20, 2014

Concession Stand Camp: backpack trip

Florida trail sign in the Green Swamp
Sign post for the Florida Trail
I had an opportunity to travel to the Green Swamp wilderness west track to do an overnight back country backpacking trip with our FaceBook group. This outing was organized by Nick who is new to Bigfoot and doing a great job.

 I got there around one and headed down main grade road to find the cut for the Florida Trail which would headed north to the camp. I passed a bunch of campers at the equestrIan camp who must of thought I looked funny dragging a suitcase like I was looking for the Hilton.

Come to Tampa Bay and escape the snow

Come work on your tan
Come down to Clearwater Beach in the Tampa Bay area for some fun in the sun. While you are shoveling snow up north, you could be working on your tan - like these girls. Bring you golf clubs and your bathing suit. Clear blue skies and mid 70's await you. You just might mingle with these hot bikini babes. For sure if you go to Hogan's Beach Club. That is where all the hot people are hanging out.  Don't forget to ride in a legal taxi cab and not the illegal Uber or Lyft   

Friday, December 12, 2014

Travisv Walton on a Bigfoot hunt in Florida

Travis Walton sort of looks like David Paulitis

Travis Walton went squatching with Kevin. Walton is the most famous UFO abduction case in history. There was even a movie "Fire in The Sky." You may mot know but Kevin is involved in alien and UFO research. They worked the west track of the Green Swamp.

Is Alex Jones Bill Hicks?

Alex Jones has always seemed not quite right to me. Not in that way, but his resume never added up for me. First, how could he have been born in 1974? He is only 39? He seems older then that. I read people have called the High School Jones claims to have gone to and the've never heard of him. Today, I found a plausible reason why. He may be the late comedian Bill Hicks.
The Atlanteanconspiracy blog had a very detailed article with comparison photos showing the Hicks and Jones side by side with a 100% match on face recognition. Wow! They were both from Austin and had a fascination with the Waco FBI raid on the Dividiancompound. Both filmed videos from the same place. Both are dark and irreverent in nature. Not really cuddly guys (I don't cuddle guys by the way).
I called Tom, a cab driver friend of mine and an expert on comedian's and pop culture and says the verdict is not in on this one. He's seen the photos and its close man, very close. He really wants to believe this one because he was a major fan of Hicks and wants him to be alive. But he sees it as an Andy Kaufman kind of thing. We seem to be learning more about this dovetail of lives between these two controversial men.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bill Brock and MONSTERS UNDERGOUND TV series

Bill Brock, star of "Monsters Underground" was one of the speakers at the Skunk Ape convention in Orlando Florida last September. I was honored to be one the speakers also with such a great line up. Later that night, Bill and I were watching Discovery Channel in the room and his show came on! How cool to watch a paranormal show with the guy on the show.

The video below is an exciting scene from the Discovery Channel show.

UFO seen over Tampa Florida near an Air Force base

I shot this video on a clear day over Tampa skies. See for yourself.

Alex Jones says moon landing fake and thousands killed in space program..WTF?

I cannot find another source for this other then this video clip. I have always believed NASA has maintained a shadow or parralel space program. I would just want more proof then this rant by Alex Jones.

Is the moon an artificial structure?

I have a friend of mine who is convinced the moon is an artificial strict. He thinks its hollow, and is an alien base. He says there are unnatural structures on the moon which point to alien civilizations. I believe the moon has been used as an alien base, but considering satellites are common in the universe, it probably is natural. Check out this video about NASA called Dark Mission.

The 1952 Utah UFO film

I remember seeing this movie as a kid. I was very afraid. The speed of the objects passing behind a water tower in the foreground, show the objects were at a great distance. The Airforce determinedvthatvat 2.5 Mike's, the objects were traveling at 327.7 mph. Consider this was filmed by a military officer, lends credibility to it.

Warrant Officer D.C. Newhouse, USN, obtained 16 mm color movies of a group of UFOs which he and his wife observed visually near Tremonton, Utah. At relatively close range, UFOs appeared flat and circular "shaped like two saucers, one inverted on top of the other."
Mr. Newhouse unpacked his Bell and Howell Automaster camera, with 3-inch telephoto lens, from the trunk of his car and obtained about 1200 frames of the UFOs on Daylight Kodachrome film.

During the filming, Mr. Newhouse changed the iris stop of the camera from f/8 to f/16. The film was submitted to Navy authorities, who forwarded it to the Air Force at ATIC in Dayton, Ohio, where it was studied for several months.

According to Mr. Newhouse, frames of the movie showing a single UFO moving away over the horizon (hence providing some ranging information) were missing when the film was returned.
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

An unexpected find in the jungle

We found an old hunting cabin hidden in the thick jungle. It could be decades old based on what we found inside such as the ornament door knob. There was what was left of bunk beds inside.

An old Coca Cola ice chest and old bottles were found. No evidence of fire in the area to suggest anyone had camped here recently.

There were two bunk beds indicating it slept 4 at one time. I'm very tired for I just got in and its late. More later on this.
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